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Welcome to Floridians Against REAL ID. If you do not know what the REAL ID Act is, please start reading the page linked above where it says “What is REAL ID?” Otherwise, you may start right here.

The purpose of this page is for reference information. If you want current information, please join our Facebook Group or read some of the postings here (see categories to the right or use the search box). In order to clean up this page, much in formation has been moved to the page (click the menu links above). A “Myths” page has been added here. Click on it to see some of the common myths about REAL ID that are circulating, and some factual responses.

Since 2010, this group has offered legislation so that Florida can nullify at the state level the unconstitutional provisions of REAL ID and keep the non-invasive security features. Each year it has failed. The legislature is more interested in giving help to foreign tourists (via repeal of the international driver license law- something they did in 21 days in 2013), certain illegal aliens (acceptance of “deferred action” letters from the same federal government that gave us REAL ID), and in 2014 free ID cards, documents, and taxpayer assistance for convicted felons. Our legislation is called the REAL ID Elimination Act, or RIDE Act, and is currently 3 pages long. Click the link below to download or view the PDF version along with a one-page summary that is ideal for handing out to legislators- or even candidates.

A second bill has been written for 2014, it is the Florida Non-Federal Identification Act. REAL ID allows states to issue regular licenses that are not acceptable as “federal identification” (that phrase is from the law, not us). The 2014 bill rolls back the intrusiveness and the cost- licenses will again be just $20.

Please ask your state legislators to pick up and support this legislation. REAL ID is an AMERICAN issue. It is NOT a Democrat vs. Republican issue, even though some politicians in Florida are making it that way (click on the words/links below to download or view the PDF versions).

Sample Legislation:RIDE ACT
July 2012:

Governor Rick Scott,

Why will you hold the line against unconstitutional mandatory federal health insurance and not an unconstitutional federal driver license law? Both affect millions of Floridians. The difference is that REAL ID has been hurting Floridians, notably married and divorced women, since January 2010. “Obamacare” will not kick in until some time in the future.

Please compare what Montana’s Gov. Brian Schwietizer, a Democrat, sent to Congress in March 2012 with what our Gov. Scott, a Republican, sent to me in October 2011. Should I tell Gov. Scott repeal of “Obamacare” would require action from the federal government, so we should not do anything at the state level?

First, Gov. Schweitzer’s letter. Note the “We refused, and will refuse again” language here (click to enlarge).

In 2011, I wrote to Gov.  Scott and asked he support nullification of REAL ID as had been done in several other states (the Florida Legislature enacted it in 2008, so it is a state issue that can be repealed). His reply to my request was that it was a federal issue. In 2012, I again wrote to him seeking support to rid us of REAL ID. His 2012 response was completely generic- talk to your legislators (which is what I’ve been doing for 2 years now). Click to enlarge:

August 2012:

Here is a video of Gov. Scott addressing the “Red State” group recently. Note the title of the video is

“I want to reduce every tax and fee I can”

Gov. Scott, start with driver licenses and REAL ID. If you didn’t know it, the fee for a Florida driver license went from $20 in 2008 to $48 in 2009, the year before we got REAL ID. REAL ID has cost us over $10 million from 2008-2010, and only $7 million of that was offset by “federal” money. For the 2012-2013 fiscal year, the Florida DHSMV wants over $1.6 million more for REAL ID- to include $740,000 to pay our FHP troopers overtime due to so many people being upset about REAL ID at driver license offices that the examiners now feel threatened. Why not save $740,000 (plus the other $800,000+) and do away with the ineffective and costly REAL ID?

When it comes to a Democrat-passed unconstitutional law such as “Obamacare”, our Republican Governor is a champion of liberty and the Constitution! Yet when it comes to a Republican-passed unconstitutional law such as REAL ID, it’s a matter of waiting for “action from the federal government”. The same applies for Republican Florida Attorney General Bondi, who sent me a similar reply.

Gov. Schweitzer, by the way, is also no fan of “Obamacare”. In a July 2009 interview, he stated ““[The spending] is kicked down the road. And if you believe that this bill is not going to change between now and ’17, ’18, and ’19, when a lot of this kicks in, then you are smoking your own belly button lint.”

Here is some artwork based on the March 2012 REAL ID “hearing” in Washington. In this “hearing” no opponents of REAL ID were allowed to testify. One of them, Jim Harper at the CATO Institute, is in Washington. More of the school of thought that if you can’t win the argument, silence the opposition.

Gov. Schweitzer sent a letter to Congress recently after the dog and pony show “hearing” (see above). Here’s an excerpt:

Montana will not agree to share its citizens’ personal and private information through a national database, nor bear the exorbitant cost building such a database. Furthermore, the Act tramples on our state’s right to determine our own licensing procedures and protocols, and would interfere with our state’s work to improve drivers’ license security.

Montana is in no mood at all for another heavy-handed play by the federal government, such as what transpired in 2008 when the homeland security director threatened to prevent Montanans from boarding an airplane unless we complied with the REAL ID act. We refused, and will refuse again….

While folks in Washington may have believed they knew what was best for Montana when they created the REAL ID Act, in fact, Montanan’s have little use for this unpopular, unfunded, and completely unfeasible mandate. The House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security should use today’s hearing to begin the process of repealing the REAL ID Act.

Consider this an open invitation to Gov. Rick Scott and any other Governor to do the same.The 10th Amendment means nothing if it is ignored at both the federal and state levels.

Now for the other side of this. The chair of the “hearing” and REAL ID sponsor Rep. James Sensenbrenner:


What is wrong with having a National ID Card? I’ll let Ron Paul answer that one (from 2010):

Pay attention at about 4 minutes in-
“It’s always for good purposes. They’re going to get rid of illegal immigration, they’re going to find the criminals. But they’re also going to monitor every single person, everything they do. It’s sort of this idea, why not have cameras everyplace, on every street corner, because we’ll catch the bad guys. Well why don’t they have cameras in our house in case there’s child beating or wife beating? One thing leads to another. You either believe in freedom or you don’t.”

How did we do in the 2012 Florida legislative session and beyond? We got our foot in the door, then it was slammed shut.We did no better in 2013 or 2014. If something is to be done, a lot of people in Florida need to speak up.

In the mean time, please let others know about our efforts. REAL ID is a problem not just for us, but for our kids as they become old enough to need a driver license. It does not matter how many people have complied, there are others we must be concerned about.

Floridians Against REAL ID was formed to educate the citizens of Florida about the REAL ID law and to act as an advocate to repeal the law in our legislature.

I am now working with the Liberty First Network to advance the cause against REAL ID. If you would like to donate to help, there is a donation page on that site. Money is needed to distribute educational materials, and to travel for presentations. We’re not asking for a lot from a few, just a little from many. There are over 12 million drivers in Florida. If you’re one of them and are concerned about your privacy as well as your rights, please donate to our cause. We finished 2010 about $1,000 in the hole (due to fuel costs), so your donations are needed to help us with this effort.

The REAL ID Act’s effect in Florida

Expense: Bang for the Buck
According to the Florida DMV, as of 2010, over $10 million in tax dollars have been spent on REAL ID in Florida, and not one illegal alien or terrorist has been identified due solely to REAL ID.

Loss of Privacy

Our U.S. Constitution is supposed to protect us (and our houses, papers, and effects) from unreasonable searches and seizures. By the State seizing numerous personal identification documents in order to issue an ID card or driver license, this places citizens at risk

Making Lawbreakers out of Regular People

Some of our citizens cannot comply with this law due to no fault of their own. Consider the woman from Tallahassee who got divorced out of state over 30 years ago and now can’t get a required form to show her name legally changed. How about the senior citizen that can no longer get a birth certificate since the records were destroyed? Even though they have no intent to break the law, these citizens now have to drive on an expired driver license.