August 12, 2020



👉Check out our 🔘 DON’T Push the Wrong 📦 MYSTERY BOX Slime Challenge! Video here:

Video here:

Today we are doing an awesome kids slime video! We are doing the most EXTREME Bowling Game CHALLENGE we’ve ever had. This time the bowling pins will decide our slime ingredients! There are TWO types of bowling pins, the skull pin and the thumb up pin. We have to bowl and try to knock down the giant thumb up pin to get good slime ingredients from the BOWL of HEAVEN. If we knock down the skull pin then we have to pick a BAD ingredient from the BOWL of DOOM! Watch the whole video to find out who make the best DIY slime! Janice or Kingston? This is a fun video for kids who love slime challenges!

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Hey What’s up JK Slime! We are so happy that you found our kids Slime video channel! On this channel Janice and Kingston will be sharing with you everything about SLIME! We will also challenge each other in numberless fun kids slime videos! Here you will find Slime Challenges Videos, Fix this Slime, Make this Slime Pretty Again, Turn this Ugly Slime into Pretty Slime, ASMR, DIY Slime, and so much more!! So if you LOVE slime just as much as we do make sure you SUBSCRIBE so you don’t miss out on any of our new videos!

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