April 21, 2021

100 Underrated/Less Known/Hidden Gem Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Games!

*NOTE* The intro song is a sample from a Beastie Boys sample of an old Spanish song called El Rey Y Yo. You can find the sample here:

Here we go with 100 more MD/G games, this time of the underrated/less known/hidden gem variety!

Calling these “hidden gems” may be a little misleading; in my experience, I’ve found that MG/D fans are a hardcore and passionate bunch and are very familiar with most of the library. If you are one of these MG/D fans, there’s probably nothing here you haven’t seen before.

If, however, you are new to the MD/G or only have a cursory knowledge of the platform’s more popular titles, then you’re in for a treat. There are some real gems here – certainly ones I had never heard of and some of them are truly amazing. True, most of them tend to be more of the arcade/action type (I don’t think there are any JRPG-style games on this list), but sometimes that’s all you need.

Please note that I explicitly omitted any titles that were on the recently released “MD/G Mini Console”. So titles like Alisia Dragoon, Beyond Oasis and Kid Chameleon – which are widely regarded as hidden gems – are not here. I did that because many of you who are watching this video probably own the MD/G Mini, and don’t need to see those titles again.

As a personal note – as someone who did not have a lot of MD/G experience before making this video – this was one of the more enjoyable videos I’ve assembled for this channel. I was simply blown away by some of these games. I hope you enjoy watching as much as I did making this!

And to celebrate this video, here is a steam key for a game! 2LCLE-8H9IK-BZTIJ – if you claim it, please comment below and let us know what it was!


1. Arcus Odyssey
2. Atomic Runner
3. Battle Mania Daiginjo
4. BattleTech
5. Bio Hazard Battle
6. Blades of Vengeance
7. Bubba’n’Stix
8. Buck Rogers: Countdown to Doomsday
9. Burning Force
10. Centurion: Defender of Rome
11. Chakan: The Forever Man
12. Championship Pro-Am
13. Chiki Chiki Boys
14. Combat Cars
15. Cosmic Spacehead
16. Crue Ball
17. Crusader of Centy
18. Cyborg Justice
19. Dahna: Megami Tanjou
20. Dashin’ Desperadoes
21. Death Duel
22. Decap Attack
23. Desert Demolition
24. Dick Tracy
25. Dragon’s Revenge
26. Duke Nukem 3D
27. Dune: Battle for Arrakis
28. El Viento
29. Elemental Master
30. Exile
31. Ex Mutants
32. Fatal Labyrinth
33. Flicky
34. Gadget Twins
35. Gairares
36. Gain Ground
37. Garfield: Caught in the Act
38. Gauntlet IV
39. Generations Lost
40. Ghostbusters
41. Gleylancer
42. Granada
43. Greatest Heavyweights
44. Growl
45. Gynoug
46. Haunting Starring Polterguy
47. High Seas Havoc
48. James Pond 3
49. Jewel Master
50. Legend of Galahad, The
51. Killing Game Show, The
52. Marvel Land
53. Master of Monsters
54. Mazin Saga: Mutant Fighter
55. McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure
56. Mega Turrican
57. Misadventures of Flink
58. Mutant League Hockey
59. Mystic Defender
60. Normy’s Beach Babe-o-Rama
61. The Ooze
62. Outlander
63. Panorama Cotton
64. Phelios
65. Puggsy
66. Powerball
67. Pulseman
68. Rainbow Islands Extra
69. Ranger X
70. Red Zone
71. Rings of Power
72. Rolling Thunder 3
73. Saint Sword
74. Saturday Night Slam Masters
75. Scooby Doo Mystery
76. Second Samurai
77. Shadow Blasters
78. Skeleton Krew
79. Skitchin
80. Socket
81. Stormlord
82. Sub-Terrania
83. Super Skidmarks
84. Sword of Vermillion
85. Target Earth
86. Techno Clash
87. Technocop
88. Tinhead
89. True Lies
90. Twinkle Tale
91. Tyrants: Fight Through Time
92. Undead Line
93. Valis 3
94. Wani Wani World
95. Wardner
96. Wiz’n’Liz: The Frantic Wabbit Wescue
97. Wolfchild
98. Yu Yu Hakusho: Makyo Toitsusen
99. Zany Golf
100. Zero Tolerance

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  • NOTE: The song used in the title sequence is an old Spanish song called "El Rey Y Yo" – but then sampled by The Beastie Boys for their song "Hello Nasty". Read the description for a link to the sample.

  • I desperate to find an adventure multiplayer platformer game with 4 playable character in it. I only remember two character, one of them can shoot fireball from his and the other one shoot wind. Btw sorry for my bad english ; )

    Ps: I thing the character name is Kuratau,kidabaw & ayame if I not wrong

  • Decap attack, Flicky and Yu-Yu Hakusho definitively shouldn't be on that list.

  • Is Flicky underrated? Haha… No way. It's famous and addicting by the way.

  • 39. Generations Lost, I used to play this a lot as a kid and I couldn't remember the name so I can try to play it again today, you're my hero of the week!

  • is Zool well known or you just missed out on a friggin' AMAZING game?
    Everyone please check it out. It's actually the first game i owned for the genesis.
    Good call adding bubba n stix, it's a surprisingly fun game with cool puzzles and a killer soundtrack. Garfield is not well known? awesome game too
    What about boogerman? is that well known? it's a total classic. cool spot? dynamite heddy?

  • very nice!, i've played some of those games before but forgot their names haha
    now i know them again, thanks pal 😀

  • Travellers tales had some really good graphics for games between 93 to 96. There so colorful and animated

  • So I been trying to find this game for a long time but with no luck. I only remember that the game was 2d, you came from a little hole, looked like a vacuum cleaner a lil bit. You had to collect points, round things and watch out for the enemies.

  • This was an enjoyable trip down memory lane. But there are quite a few on here, that are far from 'hidden' or underrated. 'Gaiares' and 'Gleylancer' for example. Any self respecting side scrolling shoot-em-up fan with a mega drive knows about these, the console shined in this genre and they are some of the most sought after titles now. James Pond 3 was a massive hit. I got bought this on release, and it was never underrated either, high scoring reviews all round, the best of the series.
    Granted, their are a few maybe considered underrated on here , but I'd put that down to personal preference. The more I watched this video, the more I see it filled with absolute 'classics', sometimes I thought maybe you've only played Sonic & Streets of Rage, to deem this list worthy of it's title description.

  • Gynoug is GREAT side scrolling shooter I never hear anyone hardly mention. It was also called Wings of Wor here in the States.

  • I've been losing my mind trying to find a game that got deleted with the rest of my wish list.
    Hope it's on here!

  • Listen, man. I do appreciate your video of good games. But… I seriously doubt any system can have 100 'hidden gems'… Doesnt make any sense

  • Oh man what wonderful list. Games like pulseman, Ranger X, elemental master… beautiful works. Thx for the memories.

  • It’s criminal how under appreciated Chiki Chiki Boys is!… the games was developed by Capcom and had some of the best music on the Mega-Drive. Not to mention is addictive as heck!

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