April 21, 2021

Battle Spot Single – Pokemon SUN MOON RANKED SINGLE #5 Zen Harambe Oranguru Sweeps Da Nation

Pokemon Sun Moon Battle Spot Singles Rating Battle RANKED
Pokemon Moon Sun RANKED SINGLES Rating Battle
Pokemon Sun Moon WiFi Battle!
How to Use Oranguru Guide Competitive
Alolan Ninetales Aurora Veil Eevee Pass Offense
How to Use Cloyster Shell Smash Competitive Guide

Music by GlitchXCity

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  • like as always.
    are u doing Battle of Alola? right now i'm at 21 win 9 lose, pretty bad i know lol.
    Anyway, eevee sure has a good niche in this gen. y'know? krookodile can learn a sort of dark type physical Stored Power.
    just to try, of course there are many mons better than krookodile. M slowbro can't be critted.

    mostly i don't understand why people is running golisopod so much lol. tapu lele is everywhere.

  • Hey groudon ! Sandshrew learns iron head but it wont learn it if it evolves to sandslash. . Strange thing. .

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