August 13, 2020

Beanbag Baseball A Baseball Toss Game!!!! Extremely Fun!!

The Play Ball, Beanbag Toss Baseball Game is extremely fun to play! It plays just like regular baseball Except you don’t need a big field to play on!!! You can play the game right in your own living room or you can play it outside in your yard! Invite friends over young and old and play baseball without needing a lot of space to play! It’s light weight but very solidly made so it can be taken anywhere! Tailgate Parties, camping, field trips, to the beach at senior citizen centers and played with family and friends!

What you will get…..

1) One sturdy well made Play Ball Game that can be folded down easily for storage!!! ( just specify which one you would like the smaller 15 by 15 inch game or the Larger 20 by 20 inch Game.)
2) a score card that can be used over and over to keep score and to keep track of your innings, and players on base.
3) and a dry erase marker for your score card.
4) 8 baseball’s made of 100% cotton duck cloth.

IMPORTANT: If you would like the baseball hitter and smaller 1 and 1/2 inch balls for your table top Game you can purchase these separately for your small Play Ball game.

When using the larger Play Ball game, the 20 by 20 inch board, here are the rules for how far apart you must be from the front of the game. For beginners 10 feet away. For professional players 15 feet away.

Rules When playing on the smaller 15 by 15 inch Play Ball board:
You can sit on your couch if you would like and toss them across the living room onto the game board! Anywhere it feels comfortable enough to throw from but is still a challenge using the 2 inch baseballs 1 oz in weight.

You can also play with the Hitter that flicks the tiny 1 1/2 inch balls .3 oz through the holes on the game board on your table top or floor. The Tiny Baseballs are made of regular cloth. If you would like the baseball hitter and smaller 1 and 1/2 inch balls you can purchase these separately for your small Play Ball game.
Game Rules:

Play up to 9 innings. Play the game with just two players or up to 18 players, 9 on each team! It doesn’t have to be exact either you can have 5 on one team and 4 on the other!

Play it just like baseball, if you land on a strike keep going until you get 3 strikes and then your out and its the next person on your teams turn. If you land on ball this means your pitcher just pitched a ball that wasn’t over the base and you can keep on going till you land on a base or get out. You can get up to 4 ball pitches than your out. If you land on first than its your next team players turn, if they land on third The player at 3rd Base cannot go home and score. He has to be forced to go Home. You or your team can keep going until you get three outs and once you get 3 outs its your opponents turn. Just remember there are two very important rules, if your baseball doesn’t land on the board it is considered a Strike. And if you get one player on first and your next team mate gets on first You Only Advance One Base. But if you land on 2nd and your team mate lands on 1st you cannot move to 3rd you must be forced to move to the next base.
To keep track of players you can place 3 chairs together, these will count as bases 1st 2nd and 3rd . When a teammate lands on 1st base than he can sit on the first chair. If your next teammate lands on 2nd base the one on 1st base will now sit on the 3rd chair, (3rd Base). When the 3 bases are loaded, if the next player throws into the 1st Base hole, all players advance one chair, but only the player on 3rd Base gets to score. If that player had thrown in the 2nd Base hole, two players would score, and if he had thrown into the 3rd Base, three players would have scored. A home run makes all players on the Bases score including the player who threw the bean bag. When getting a Home Run you may do a victory dance! When you get an Out you may hang your head in shame and go to the back of the line if you would like. If your team wins the opposing team may bow in reverence to your awesomeness! This of course is all optional but can be fun if your players have a great sense of humor.

Use your score card with the dry erase marker to keep score, and to keep track of players on bases if you would prefer this over using chairs. You have nine innings. A line on the ground must clearly indicate where the thrower will stand. If the heel of the thrower goes ahead of the line, he is OUT. He may touch the line with his foot but without going ahead of it.

The smaller Play Ball game is great for playing inside your house with two players and up to 18 players if you would like. The larger play ball game is more of an outside game because of its size, and again can be played with Two Players and up to 18 players 9 on each team.

The baseballs can be hand washed if needed made of 100% cotton duck cloth. The inside material is small pebbles.


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