August 7, 2020

Blitz Bowl – How To Play

Watch It Played is a series designed to teach and play games. In this video we’re going to learn how to play Blitz Bowl.

For an example of how to assemble miniatures, you’ll find some information in this other tutorial video:

Board Game Geek page link:

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask a question in the Youtube comments below.

00:00 – Introduction
00:45 – Models
01:05 – Coaches/Players
01:15 – The Setup
02:19 – Challenge Setup
03:31 – Double Trap Doors
04:00 – Gameplay Overview
04:20 – Adding Balls to Play
04:55 – Ball Bounces
05:25 – Emergency Reserves
05:55 – Performing Actions
06:55 – Open Players
07:10 – Marked Players
07:24 – Prone Players
07:39 – Dugout Players
07:48 – Action: Run
08:15 – Picking up the Ball
08:27 – Action: Throw
11:06 – Bouncing Rules
12:04 – Throwing Adjacent
12:19 – Action: Mark
12:48 – Action: Block
13:23 – Block Dice Results
13:44 – Knocked Down Models
14:47 – Shoving
15:08 – Special Abilities
15:18 – Rerolls
15:41 – Action: Stand-Up
15:52 – Action: Reserve
16:11 – Touchdowns
17:05 – Completing Challenges
17:47 – Bonus Plays
18:21 – Clean Sweep
18:36 – Maximum Hand Size
18:43 – Replenishing Challenges
19:17 – Adding a Second Ball
19:43 – Ending the Game
20:24 – Tiebreaker Rules
20:27 – Endgame Challenges
21:13 – Additional Teams
21:35 – Conclusion

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  • Got the game yesterday and played it today after watching your video and reading the rulebook. Thank you for simplifying it.

  • My son and I just finished our first session. Great game. I haven't played a lot of blood bowl, less than 12 games, but I like how quick this is, the challenge cards add some great decisions, especially given touchdowns are worth three points and cards are one or two. Highly recommended.

  • Am down to 8 working fingers and still don't have orcs assembled. Where is the link you mentioned about how to assemble them?

  • Can you explain the throwers skill? It makes no sense as all players pick up the ball as part of a run action.

  • Its like chess with different movement rules, a ball in the mix, cards determine movement rules. And it looks like it takes hours to finish a game… and this is supposed to be streamlines “Blood Bowl”? Great for people who like “piece movement” chess-like games. And have the time to play them. So i’ll pass on this. Looks cool but meh… good video.

  • Can you use star players and their cards with this? Or will they release new star player cards specifically for this version?

  • Forgive my ignorance, but why do both this and Blood Bowl exist? Aren’t they both basically the same thing?

  • Great video Rodney. You asked for questions so…

    1. How common are one turn touchdowns? With no positional reset between touchdowns and 3 actions it seems likely. How many times did you see it in your games?

    2. Is there no ‘turnover’ rule where a failed action ends your turn early?

    3. What is the normal spread of points you can win per turn (without endgame cards) what is the highest score you can earn in a round with endgame cards? 0-9… 0-15?

    4. What is the craziest power you can get by scoring challenge cards.

    5. Can a blocker activate again after a successful shove result? Is there a way to get a free follow up movement after shove?

    6. Is there any reason to stall for time and not score when you have the opportunity. Running down the clock to score as late as possible was a core/annoying strategy in bloodbowl… does it still make sense in this game?


  • I like the streamlined rules, and that gamplay just continue. Also winning mechanins with +10 points is smart.
    Dident like the colour of the human and orc team. should be blue and green. The player aid cards should have had the effect of the dice written instead of just the name.

  • so there is no perma death?just dug out time? well the game seems cool enough, they have eliminated a lot of the dumb luck rolls from Blood bowl, (though in my opinion those make up some of the best moments of the game LOL) in favor of calculable probabilities. I still love the story element of following players in Blood Bowl and watching their careers until the inevitable death as they reach for the ball and trip over their own spiky bits landing just right to not only break their own neck but also killing the ref in a grizzly tangle of bodies resulting in a penalty that even the blood-wiser babes can't help with ….. good 'ol blood bowl.

    though it does eliminate the high stakes and alternate play styles of Blood Bowl, I mean you can play to get the most touch downs or you can play to crush the apposing team into forfeit for not enough players left alive….. so ya the stakes are much lower.

  • A linesman is one of the referees, the players who play near the line of scrimmage in American Football are called linemen.

    And in Blood Bowl and Blitz Bowl they are also called linemen.

  • The timing on this game is perfect!!! My son has been asking me to play Blood Bowl for some time now and even though I know he could handle playing, I don't think he has the attention span to play a full game of Blood Bowl. But now with this Game he will now be able to play a lighter version of the game and still feel like he's playing Blood Bowl (sort of) and it will get him into the game easier when he's ready. I look at this as an arena football version of Blood Bowl. But yet still has all the flavor of Blood Bowl. I've already preordered my copy at Barnes and Noble. He's also 8 years old which is the exact recommended age.

  • Like the pacing and streamlining if this compared to BB but i was really disappointed that it isnt about touchdowns but about victory points and objective cards. I like that the challanges grant you bonus plays, thats neat, but they should have kept the fixed turn limit from BB and made it all about scoring touchdowns, not claiming points.

    Superb walkthrough though, as always!

  • Very nice! I used to play Blood Bowl extensively in the early 90s. I don't care for it much anymore, but I think I want to play Blitz Bowl. Is it out yet? Or when will it be released?

  • Looks good, a great BB intro game to teach some of the core mechanics (passing, tackle zones, block dice, various player roles). The extra team cards for Elf/Chaos/Skaven are a very nice touch, in case someone doesnt like the Humans or Orcs and encourages expansion with existing sets. Also a nice way to get some extra models for your base teams.

  • Do the box rules include anything regarding leveling up characters like blood bowl or is each game designed to be 1 off and not run in a league setting?

  • Is there a release date? They announced this back in February, and if it wasn't for this video, I would have forgotten about it….

  • Awesome video, any estimate for the average play time? I have plenty of Blood Bowl proper but the facts that it takes 2h+ has been making it lose out to Shadespire and smaller games of 40k and AoS.

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