January 19, 2021

DIY Retro Gaming #Sega #Genesis / #Megadrive Portable on a Budget!

Everybody loves a 16-bit retro gaming Sega Megadrive / Genesis handheld, but that hardly justifies possibly wrecking an old original console for it. Clem encounters a random fake clone console in his storage and has nothing to lose for ripping apart a device that should not exist in the first place. By reverse-engineering the pinout, and fabricating a slick case, he builds a slick retro handheld that plays and feels much better than the clone console before the conversion! Thus, possibly saving a lot of old consoles while removing knockoffs from the market!

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  • Wtf, if you want to modify emulator, why just dont buy handheld emulator that plays sega genesis roms? Do not get me wrong, avesome project, well designed and really good done, but in my opinion just pointless

  • If you start with an AT Games or AT Games console clone you really should not do this. Besides that Genesis/MD emulation is great and don't forget FPGA!

  • 2:42 "FakeSegathingy" lol… I just re-watched the ONN's video on "Sony's new stupid POS" yesterday and this reminded me of that.
    Had a solid laugh over it, and if you haven't seen the video I'm referring to (idk how you wouldn't it's literally 10yrs old now) then there ya go. You're welcome.

    Compliment so this comment doesn't get wasted:
    Love your channel. I started watching when Ben Heck had his show and have loved the content ever since! Keep on grindin those videos out E14. We appreciate youuuuuuu <3

  • Why does it look like the face buttons are barely sticking through the faceplate? I don't want to criticize the build too much (cuz it's better than I could do) but aren't those kind of hard to press with how recessed they are? Also some of the other buttons look a bit wonky. Overall it's great tho, don't get me wrong. Nice job.

  • The rca Jack's aside I like the simplicity of the design. I would have brought the back cart holder up a bit to support it better and not have the d pad and buttons so flush with the face housing. Ben Heck would go all out with engraving and pleats etc but your simple design is also nice. Keep up the good work.

  • I love how this video is so "back to the roots".
    Making stationary consoles into handhelds was how I discovered 'Benheck' and The Ben Heck show. Although a lot simpler than what he originally did this gave me a warm nostalgic feeling. You did great Clem! Keep it up! 😁

  • Why do they always take us for argentinian? I know, Uruguay is a very small country, but it's beautiful, you should come Clem 😛

  • I compiled a list of all the parts I need to build my ultimate handheld. It consists of a aluminum shell and back plate, aluminum buttons and dpad, aluminum shoulder buttons, a psp joystick, an ips screen, a rechargeable 2000mah battery, and a custom board made for the gba that accepts the raspberry pi cm3+. I added everything to my cart and then realized it was just shy of 400 dollars to build this thing. Maybe if I had a YouTube channel that would pay for the handheld in views it would be feasible. For 400 bucks I could make something way more powerful and buy a switch with the left overs. Lol

  • That arrow on a stick was cute, definitely, something unique. :3
    That SOC seemed pretty sad all alone on that tiny board. Probably a glop top holding the main SOC, plus some RAM or flash memory on a very cheap-looking flimsy board. (FakeSegathingy lol)

    I liked this video a lot. Detailed, well explained, actual parts footage, soldering footage (a very good work I think), and a part to test out the composite output of the unit while the CRT wasn't working, tips and advices, testing 3D printed parts with cheap material… and maybe the most important thing to remember, "always test, every step, to ensure everything is working correctly".

    THIS is the content I'd like to see here. Well done! And the unit looks good, sturdy and sleek. That's a thumbs up.

    ** Tip: instead of a boost circuit (which wastes space and power in the final unit) just get rid of the voltage regulator on the LCD controller board (pretty much every cheap car monitor has some kind of buck circuit on it), that basically gets the 12V input and outputs a 5V DC. Recently I got one from Amazon and I desoldered the XL1509 from it – pin 2 has a fixed output at 5V. I just hooked it up to the Raspberry Pi Zero main power capacitor, which has about the same voltage of its adapter. There you go, straight 5V to feed your screen without stuff in the middle.

  • Great project, noac/goac clone consoles are always fun to play with. A little heads up, those little car reverse lcd screens usually have a buck or ldo regulator on the input to run off 12V from a car's cigarette power adapter so it's pretty easy to just bypass the regulator and directly power the screen on 5V (a few I've played with even run happily down to ~3V).

  • While they are smaller than the first generation 3 button controllers, I believe those are the same size as the genuine 6 button / wireless genesis controllers.

  • great, i love this channel, i would like to see explanation on how some machines work, or diy prototypes for some machines, like sheet cutter machine, thermocups making machine, stamp print machine, cup sealing machine ….. i really would like to see that !, thanks

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