August 11, 2020

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Review

Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage Review
**This title was provided to me free of charge from the publisher to review for you.

Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Price: $59.99

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  • This games awesome and many people don't know you can take all the simulation items with you when you exit the simulation and the weapons this dlc gives you with regular play through is well worth it!

  • My game says I need a hard drive to install the Dlcs for u
    Ti ate edition is the only thing to do buy a hard drive can I just clear space

  • This DLC is…meh, the worst one for Fallout 3 actually. And it's linearity really helps its mediocrity. If not for good loot, I wouldn't even bother to play this abomination. At least Point Lookout delivered

  • Hey did you guys know that you can take everything you get in the simulation out into the real world? All you have to do is put a dead body in the chair before you start, but position it so you will be looking at it while sitting in the chair, then when the simulation ends, hold the right stick down and mash A, then you can transfer your simulation inventory to the dead body, and then loot as you please. Also when you are requisitioning weapons, you can have all the different loadouts at once. Just grab it from the terminal, give it to the quartermaster, and drop all the weapons on the ground, then go back and grab another requisition and give it to him. You now have two sets of weapons including the ones on the ground. Rinse and repeat as many times as you want. Hope this helps.

  • Anybody know what the point was of collecting the intelligence suitcases? I found 8 of them, but there was no mention or reward for this. I reckon I had to find all 10 of them to receive some kind of reward?

  • My favorite weapon from Fallout 3 is the experimental MIRV… if you got 100 barter every time you shoot it you basically shoot off 2000 caps because it fires off 8 mini nukes at once. Best used during HOLY FUCKING SHIT BALLS situations when in large areas…. or when you just want to see 8 mini nukes go off at once

  • Yeah, I came here to see whether it was worth buying or not, not to tell me the storyline, I can find that out for myself.

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