April 21, 2021

Fallout 3: You Only Live Once – Part 17 – Operation Anchorage

Fallout 3 continues, as we enter the Operation: Anchorage simulation. But without our guns or armor, how are we going to survive the waves of Chinese troops…

You Only Live Once returns in Fallout 3, once again trying to complete the entire game without ever healing. But things are much harder in Fallout 3, with flimsy armor, weaker weapons, tougher enemies, and random encounters across the map. How far can we get?

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The music track is Fanfare for Space, by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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  • Gary was cloned whilst wearing a Pip-Boy, therefore meaning that all Gary clones have them too. However, instead of being functional devices SEPARATE from the Gary clone, they are actually a part of the user.

    The Outcasts severed Gary 23's arm only to realize the the arm and the Pip-Boy were one in the same. As the Anchorage simulation requires the participant to be wearing the Pip-Boy, they couldn't just use Gary 23's (even if it did work).

  • Why is it that when you complete an american soldier training simulation, you get a set of chinese armor?

  • "Treat the Sniper Rifle as your main weapon" – Nope, definitely Guass Rifle for me. That's the main reason I did that dlc.

  • "Anchorage doesn't give you that much XP" Is that why I levelled up 3 times from level 25 to level 28 during it?

  • I tried to do this dlc as a melee character, at almost the beginning of the game… It didn’t end well.

  • there is actual lore about the stealth boy the U.S government/army wanted a more portable and smaller version of the Chinese stealth armor so then the stealth boy was made only it was less reliable being more visible then the armor and being timed on how long they last

  • ya know, the limited ammo thing actually makes sense. A soldier in a war wouldn't be carrying thousands of rounds. They only be able to carry what is a reasonable amount of extra ammo due to weight

  • 27:45 A Welcome party from the Belgians might not be as good as you think, Jon, judging from the Podcats and some other videos since 😛

  • I really love your videos and watched a lot so far and enjoyed everyone. I just like your style of presenting and usually have a good laugh at your comic moments. Having said all that sometimes your logic baffles me. The game legitimately scrubs the rads (the game clearly is meant to do that and is not an exploit of any kind). You say that followers are a kind of cheat yet despite the game being specifically designed to have them in there, but an actual real exploit when you push that guy into the other room to kill him to suit a future event, is somehow not cheating in your opinion. Very strange. I will still enjoy watching your videos despite every now and then shaking my head 🙂

  • For anyone who has Op. Anchorage it is completable at around level six because you get only basic ghouls in the metro and basic supermutants at the crossroad plus it gives you power armor training so you get both the winterized T-51 B and the stealth armor & can use both immediately

  • Thinking about Fallout 4 Yolo, I think you should only do it once all of this year's dlc is out, cause Far Harbour is meant to be late game, and I imagine that the next big dlc (maybe another after) will also be late game.

  • Don't you know you can have unlimited ammunition in this DLC? Aren't you the one that taught me that??? You drop all your ammo on the ground, hit the machine, drop, repeat ad infinitum to get as many bullets as you like!

  • the sniper rifle isnt out of range, but there is an inaccuracy in the game that you have to compensate for by slightly moving your aim in a certain direction. that effect increases with range, you can look that up

  • I don't know if this happens at all in Fallout, but if the game basically scripts you to lose a certain amount of health, would that be counted on the True Health counter?

  • Shouldn't you have a different health counter because it says after you die it kills you so no harm goes to your normal body before you die in the sim

  • I still don't know why people said you weren't going to enjoy this back when you did your last FO3 playthrough, as I quite liked this DLC.

    7:25 And now I feel weird saying that, because you used the exact same phrase (you "quite liked it" too). We're on the same wavelength with this one.

    Wow, the damage is starting bright and early with this one.

    16:45 Did you find that sniper rifle in your kill everything run? I'm not sure if I remember that or not.

    39 minutes is longer than you expected? The last few parts were around an hour.

    Thanks for the video!

  • Well, if you got shot in the simulation in the arm, a bullet hole wouldn't appear on your arm suddenly, would it? But oh well xD Also, Capital Wasteland pipboys are designed differently i believe xD

  • My Fallout 4 came with Fallout 3. I already have it on PC but I don't have any DLC for it. My question is whether or not the Fallout 3 that I got with 4 contains all of the DLC?

  • Forgive my ignorance because I have never played this series but thouroughly enjoy these vids..with that in mind, it has been mentioned that ammo can be hard to come by in Anchorage yet I notice that clips are being exchanged even when 3-4 bullets remain..is this automatic or are you doing it?…it seems such a waste

  • Why don't you use the health bottle thingies? Or do you have some sort of rule against regaining health in this play through?

  • I have never heard of anybody saying "For toffee" as a replacement for "For shit" that made me laugh a lot more than it probably should have, I don't know if that is just me not knowing phrases or what, but yeah, have never heard that before

  • Thank Godd Howard it's a double bill. I was a bit worried you'd died considering the short episode length and bridge assault near the end

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