October 21, 2020


If you would like to join the server:

In this video the rates are boosted, but on an official server you can still get some pretty good blueprints from fishing in this area, using the tricks that I have shown to you! Sometimes on Genesis in the arctic biome, the blueprints do not show up. But they are there!!!

This tutorial is part of my channel for ARK: Survival Evolved, to help give you locations, hints, helps, guides,tips, cheats, glitches, cheese, the easy way, and whatever you might want to call these sorts of videos! 🙂
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  • If you get a fishing rod and a big turtle place a foundation on its back and a chair. Do it outside of the build range and then walk up the river from that lake to the spot with all the salmon and start fishing

  • While some servers do not allow building in these areas, a Pelagornis acts as a fishing platform. Strap a saddle on this bad boy and lean back with a cold can of freedom.

    Feedback for video: All tips and guides are reliant on the server rates and the quality of tools used. For best teaching experience please explain the exact server rates and have an example with a baseline fishing rod vs the rod you are using and the % increase on that rod.

  • Go in a lunar cave kill the crab kill the leech blood place the chair underwater use leech blood only and enjoy

  • 🤔 I live there and there's absolutely 0 fish, or anything, in the water. I wonder if I need to do a Dino wipe.

  • Also to put a chair on a turtle doest work. Even a plataform on Paracer or any kind. I have tried. Just stop the FAKE videos. Youtubers suck at the game so.much they just can't do anything on Official.

  • Question where would be the best place to find alpha mosasaurs… For example couldnt they be found in the water cave found at beach zone…and 2…does it matter what the server settings are to get fishing rods from mosas or does it just happen no matter the server

  • And another FAKE ark video. 99,9% of us that search things like this play on OFFICIAL. You have boosted your server! Facts…there are no fish in this exact place, you can't build there because it is a misson area and you can't get this loot so easily! Omg,! Do real videos! FAKE FAKE FAKE.

  • On official you cant do that, saddly. Unless we ask a friend to start mission and leave and we sit on chair

  • Is there any difference in loot gained by different baits(leech blood, sap, or honey)? Ive tried for hours to science this, but my data is inconclusive.

  • Cant build in mission areas bra, this is fake news! Fishing over there is the 1st thing i tried when I got a fishing rod LOL

  • you punch one of them, then they all come rushing towards you, the battle music attempts to play, your game crashes while you're in water, you die, and you return to meet your bag looted, GG.

  • As others have said, yeah man, on official, you can't place your own chair or even pull out a friggin fishing rod in a mission area, it's ridiculous. I'd like to find actual places you can actually fish up real bps on official. :/

  • Yeah not to rain on your parade. But on official you cant place a chair there. If you do the mission the chairs are there but can only use net.

  • Hey teach I like the concept but I'm having a hard time finding leech blood even in the bog. Am i just not looking in the right spot? Any advice would be appreciated thank you

  • If ur going to keep making single play vids ur going to lose everyone that watches u it's getting annoying u cant do any of the thing u say I can on official server so thx for nothing

  • You can’t build in mission zones on almost every server, and your loot is boosted wayyyyy higher than anything else as well. It would be much appreciated if you could do these types of videos with realistic settings!

  • Hellooooo, on offical the chairs arent there unless you start mission and cant build there. If you look his mission isnt started. chairs shouldnt be there. i farm up stream where there is a pond full of fish and fished from gasbag. fish dont even bait at all.

  • Just tame some Gasbags and fish from their backs. You also get a pretty cool mount you can pump oxygen in and practice VTOL flight!

  • Umm what's the point of showing a video of you fishing on the ice lake if you can't even place a damn structure(chair) on the ice lake…. No hate but that just insta pissed me off when i discovered that….. Even the small ponds on the mountain that has salmons in it are in mission areas 😑

  • it would be better to kill Alpha Tusoteuthis in Ocean and get a good fishing rod then go to the river close to the mountain in arctic! its full of 1-1.5x sabertooth salmon with no normal fish 😀 getting tons of good longnecks and stuff

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