August 9, 2020

Ghostbusters Playthrough (SEGA GENESIS)

Well..I might as well right this all down while I can still remember it all. I don’t think I could have come across this game at a better time in my life then when I did when I was 8 yrs old at a yard sale in my little town. I had just seen the first movie, loved the cartoon, had a bunch of the toys (still very do too) and had recently played Ghostbusters 2 on NES all at around the same time. So yeah I was totally trying to absorb as much Ghostbuster stuff as humanly possible at that point in time. This game though ended up posing a minor problem at first; the lady selling it wouldn’t separate the game from the rest of the Sega games and console she was also selling. All for the high price of $30…..and already having acquired a Sega (with Sonic 3 and Greendog The Beach Surfer Dude) not that long ago prior I ended up sweet talking/negotiating with my grandma and mom about getting another machine plus the 14 other games included…all so I could ultimately make Ghostbusters mine. Considering this game and every other game in the lot was complete in box with booklets you could say that was a total score that I could never turn down. Especially in hindsight considering how valuable that’d be in the future and more importantly how much I would end up playing those games over the next 20 yrs AND that I still have them all (the games included were Sonic 2, Sonic Spinball, Altered Beast, Revenge Of Shinobi, The Terminator, Superman, James Pond: Underwater Secret Agent, Might & Magic II, Michael Jacksons’ Moonwalker, NHL 94, PGA Tour 1, PGA Tour 2 and, PGA European Tour plus 2 controllers) . A sick $30 deal in retrospect. Anyways…this was the first game of the lot that I tried and I instantly loved it the first time I played it. Was confused at why there was no Winston to play as but I was happy that I could choose between the other 3 ghostbusters. Didn’t really noticed that all three had slightly different stats (Egon is fast but weak, Ray is slow but strong and Peter is balanced) so I ended playing as Ray a lot since he was my favorite as a kid. As for the game itself it has great control, good music and a balanced difficulty…a nice change for once. The ability to buy new weapons and the huge assortment of ghost enemies and cool sub-bosses that you can capture for more money made this an endlessly enjoyable game growing up. Took a lot of years to finally beat but when I did it felt so good and satisfying. It was easily my favorite Sega game for a long time and its still in my top 5 to this day. This was originally going to be one of the first playthroughs I was going to do for my channel but it got put on the back-burner for a while. But once I heard that Harold Ramis had passed away I figured maybe its time to do this one now. So I came home from work, fired up my Sega that I got with the game and beat it/recorded it in one try. Which I’m quite happy with since there was no practicing going into this and at certain spots I’m running/tapping buttons based on pure adrenaline since I felt that this was going to be an excellent playthrough cause I NEVER did this good at the game and had such an edge at the time while playing; it still stands as the best I have EVER played game in my life essentially. All in all, this game holds a very special place in my little gaming heart and it’s still is a favorite of mine today. Every time I play it I feel like I’m 8 again exploring the High-rise and battling the Stay-puft Marsh-mellow Man and trying to collect all the money bags that I can. Such a nostalgia trip that it ain’t even funny lol. A great game if you can find one these days since it is rather rare and not well known, plus its the only old-school Ghostbusters game that is arguably worth playing. One of the ULTIMATE gems on the console for me! This was done on my actual cartridge as well.

Hope you enjoy!

***This playthrough is dedicated to the memory of Harold “Egon” Ramis. Thank you for all your great movies and great movie roles. May you rest in peace….***


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    A. Autobots
    1. The Soup Rice Rangers (Ability: Sword)
    a. Soup Rice Rangers/Red
    b. Soup Rice Rangers/Orange
    c. Soup Rice Rangers/Blue
    d. Soup Rice Rangers/Gold
    e. Soup Rice Rangers/Black
    f. Soup Rice Rangers/Silver
    g. Soup Rice Rangers/Green
    h. Soup Rice Rangers/Pink
    i. Soup Rice Rangers/Yellow
    2. Asterix (Ability: Fighter+Wing)
    3. Obelix (Ability: Suplex+Stone)
    4. King Dedede (Ability: Hammer)
    5. Meta Knight (Ability: Sword)
    6. Bandana Waddle Dee
    7. Rick, Coo, Kine
    8. Gooey (Weapon: Black Beam)
    9. Marx (Weapon: Arrow Arrow)
    10. Adeleine (Ability: Artist), Ribbon
    11. Dark Meta Knight (Ability: Sword)
    12. Daroach (Weapon: Triple Star)
    13. Magolor (Weapon: Ultra Sword)
    14. Taranza (Ability: Spider)
    15. Susie (Hair Color: Pink)
    16. The Three Mage-Sisters
    17. Beetley (Ability: Beetle)
    18. Bio Spark (Ability: Ninja)
    19. Birdon (Ability: Wing)
    20. Blade Knight (Ability: Sword)
    21. Bonkers (Ability: Hammer)
    22. Broom Hatter (Ability: Clean)
    23. Bugzzy (Ability: Suplex)
    24. Burning Leo (Ability: Fire)
    25. Chef Kawasaki (Ability: Cook)
    26. Chilly (Ability: Ice)
    27. Como (Ability: Spider)
    28. Driblee (Ability: Water)
    29. Gim (Ability: Yo-Yo)
    30. Jammerjab (Ability: Staff)
    31. Knuckle Joe (Ability: Fighter)
    32. NESP (Ability: ESP)
    33. Parasol Waddle Dee (Ability: Parasol)
    34. Plugg (Ability: Plasma)
    35. Poppy Bros. Jr. (Ability: Bomb)
    36. Rocky (Ability: Stone)
    37. Sir Kibble (Ability: Cutter)
    38. Vividria (Ability: Artist)
    39. Waddle Doo (Ability: Beam)
    40. Wester (Ability: Whip)


    B. Decepticons
    1. Aeon Knight (Dark) (Wing Color: Black)
    (Real Name: Seven Changer (Color: Green))
    2. Buff D-Mind (EX Color: Black)
    3. Susie (Parallel Color: Black)
    4. Landia (Parallel Color: Black)
    5. Stay Puft Marshmallow Man EX
    6. Jenna (Corrupt Color: Black)
    7. Death Trap (Parallel Color: Black)
    8. Flame Face (Parallel Color: Black)
    9. Snowman (Parallel Color: Black)
    10. Scaley (Parallel Color: Black)

  • My biggest issue with this was the absence of Winston. The Ghostbusters just aren't complete without him. Also I felt Jeanne could have been in this as well. Anyway aside from that this was a pretty entertaining game back when I was growing up.

  • Thanks. I used this as a walkthrough, i always ended up without any lives because the castle is a real maze. Couldn't beat the game, next time

  • Omg I played this on my slow ass computer when younger. It was so freaking difficult. To this day I still haven't finished a mission.

  • My older brother's friend had this game and I would watch him play it. I was five years old at the time…I was absolutely fascinated with it, but too scared to play it myself. LOL

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