October 21, 2020

Homebrew the Nintendo Wii WITHOUT an SD Card or the Internet Channel! (str2hax 2020 Tutorial)

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No SD Card? No Internet Channel? No problem! Today’s tutorial video showcases a new method of Homebrewing the Nintendo Wii by using the str2hax exploit by Fullmetal5. This method only requires an internet connection, as it uses a custom DNS server to load the HackMii Installer though the Wii’s EULA page.

Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:

Author’s write-up:

USBLoaderGX Tutorial:

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  • Just so everyone knows, your Homebrew Channel will be blank when you get it installed. This is normal. If you want to install Homebrew Applications, I do have a couple of additional tutorial videos!
    Full Beginner's Guide (recommended for new users): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSE34AQTCdg
    USBLoaderGX (Load games from USB drive) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D66pyQLQCmg
    Mario Kart Wii CTGP (Custom tracks for Mario Kart) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ECkEmR4Xlo
    RiiConnect24 (WiiConnect24 Replacement): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nM32gcqZt0
    Open Shop Channel (new Homebrew Browser): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kx31xQKvcwM
    Hope this helps you out! Thanks for watching : )

  • Can someone help me?? Long ago i hacked my wii with homebrew and played games, now i wanted to go back to it to play a game on wiiflow and it says please plug a usb HDD on port 0 or press rest. I have the usb on the correct entry and with the game itself i even formatted with fat32 not sure what is the problem any help woule be nice, also i went into the wii settings to see whats up with the SD card and says the device inserted in the SD card slot Can't be used. I have the usb loader GX, homebrew channel, two wiiflows, and neogamma r8

  • +Michael MJD I did these steps and everything worked fine but I also saw your Beginners guide with everything on the SD card. I think I'd rather do you beginner guide so I can use the other applications. So if I didnt use an SD card the first time, is the HB installer stored in the wii internal memory, and if so, should I wipe the Wii internal memory before doing the steps in your beginner's video? I want to do you beginners video to backup for brick protection. Thank you soo much !

  • i was not thinking that this was going to be so easy…But it worked and i can load not64 now thanks a bunch!

  • Can I, after downloading the channel, change the internet setting to get wiimifi until I have things on it??? Basically can I get wiimifi without breaking home brew

  • Im was doing it then the wii said "Unable to connect to the Internet " even tho my room is a room away for the wifi router

  • It’s not working. When that pony is supposed to appear mine says it was “Unable to connect to the internet.” What am I supposed to do den?

  • Had to do that EULA Installation method a second time since it froze my screen the first time. But after that, had no problems at all.

  • Point of advice for people doing this the first time: if you take too long to select the option to download the Homebrew Channel, an error may occur forcing you to redo the process. Your DNS will be completely changed meaning you have to redo it.

    I suggest watching the video either before you actually start the process, increasing the video speed, or skipping ahead to the next step before your Wii gets to it. You have to be quick.

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