February 20, 2021

How To Fix Render Lag in OBS/Streamlabs OBS for Smooth Livestreaming and Gaming

Do you struggle with stuttery gameplay and stream? You could be dealing with rendering lag caused by Windows 10 and your GPU. This video shows you ways to reduce or eliminate rendering lag for your stream and game.

The Game PC used for this video:

CPU: Ryzen 7 1800x
Ram: 16 GB DDR4 at 3200
Resolution: 1440p
OBS canvas settings: 1440p downscaled to 1080p at 60 FPS

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  • Every other video has been confusing nonsense with people thinking they have the ONE solution that will fix everyone's problem. This actually helps people realize the problem and gets people able to understand what's happening so they can further approach the issue if they still experience problems. Thank you, good vid 👍💪 got my sub

  • my problem is my game is smooth, but my stream is lagging, any solution? I’m playing apex legends, intel i7 and gtx 1050, ram 16gb ddr4. but my internet upload speed only at 4mbps. If i make the bitrate 2000-3000, is it problems with my stream quality?

  • thank you for actually taking the time to explain what's going on instead of immediately spoonfeeding the viewers with the answer
    this helps so much to understand WHY the lag occurs, I can say for the other viewers watching this, thanks for explaining everything in such an easy-to-swallow format

  • Hey man I saw one of your videos which showed how to stop using certain scenes while streaming to lower the CPU. Can’t find the video could you link it?

  • first of all i hope u are well. And i want know why on facebook i get framerate lag but on youtube i dont!?

  • so ok this is mainly an issue with single pc streamsetups? how would you stream on one pc and play on an other? do you need a capture card that feeds the footage to the stream pc? so essentially one pc renders game other streams the capture card?

    loool i did the task manager thing I run chrome during streaming… 25% gpu during this video and average/top 51% when rendering twitch. holy fk. i stream rocket league and at times when the game speeds up and the camera moves a lot as well the stream just becomes unwatchable.

  • Hey, nice turorial! Sorry if not related but I have a question. So I'm reocrding my gameplay with CQP level 16. In Adobe Premiere when it comes to rendering i have to translate that level of quality somehow into a normal mbps bitrate in order to render my footage. So do you know how I could find out what bitrate i should render at according to my CQP level in order to not lose a lot of quality? Much appreciated!

  • Hello sir!

    I feel like I have the answer, which is that I'm stuck, but I'd love a definitive answer anyway.

    I am streaming from the ps4. Have an Elgato HD60 and my laptop is a Lenovo Yoga 720 (13 inch). It has Intel HD 620 Graphics (trash). I am using OBS and get frames missed due to rendering lag. What is odd is that if I look at my task manager, neither my CPU nor GPU seems to be overloaded. The frames missed have made streaming impossible.

    Any solutions or help will be highly appreciated.🙏

  • You could just said at the start there's nothing you can do. You lead the viewer on for three damn minutes saying how you can help make things smoother and better only to tell us there's nothing you can do but to lower your games quality settings.

    Thanks, noob.

  • I’ve watched hundreds of videos. The frugal streamer is the only one who explains things exactly as they are. Thanks man, my stream now runs perfect because of you!

  • I love OBS and the Amazing things I have been able to do is “The Best in the World”. I invite everyone who reads this comment to come and see how “THE BEST OBS LIVE STREAMER ON YOUTUBE” does it. Cheers iSpike 📺✌🏻

  • you are a legend, Sir.
    i have been through countless videos with earrape intros, thicc indians accents and much more dread only to find you at the very end laying out my issue perectly and offering a possible solution.

    T H A N K Y O U!!!!

  • You're the first to EVER explain to me what was going on in my streams. It sucks that it's just a matter of GPU, but now I understand why changing the resolution helps. Thank you sir! 👍🏾

  • MY STREAM PAUSES FOR MICRO SECONDS IN STREAMLABS WHILE I AM STREAMING WITH AN IPAD GAMEPLAY. I HAVE RTX 2060 SUPER GPU RHYZEN 3700X AND INTERNET SPEED OF 50Mbps continuous dedicate with wire line connection. Please help to resolve the error if any body can help.

    Note the same happen while i record the gameplay as well.

    Please help

  • I get what appears to be 15 fps regardless of what I set the fps to. I get it across multiple games and the same performance ingame. I've tried it with Postal 2 and Dark Souls 3 so far, and the symptoms are the same. It happens both with Streamlabs OBS and OBS studio even when I use the constant bitrate encoder set to 2500 bps.
    I'm using a gtx 1060 gpu.

  • It drops frames on both NVEC and x264 for me 🙁 Ive tried every setting. I have a 1080ti and i7 6700k. My internet speed is (178.02 download) (30.96 upload) but I tested the internet late at night so usually its slower during the day.

  • Turned off preview in OBS and it worked like a charm. Gave you a like and a subscribe! Thank you very much for your help.

  • Greetings Nicely explained but would you be able to tell me how is it possible that on the old machine ( 6 Core 5930K set on 4ghz 1080 Ti 16gb of ram on 2k 144HZ monitor (CPU wast't strong enough to support stream so stream was running on GPU) ) Single pc streaming had no problem streaming any game well Arma was a bit low FPS but all the rest games had a good standings while streaming 1080 Full hd in 60 fps Changed gear to I9 9900 K on 4.7ghz 32GB of ram and 2080 Ti Extreme water force same 2 k 144 hz monitor and regardless if I use CPU or GPU I can't stream smoothly. Well as soon as I click on the middle monitor where the game is running the stream drops Fps from 60 to 14/25/38/48 and keeps jumping so when game runs in the back ground it goes smoothly, there is something I am missing but got stuck and don't know what, Cheers for help in advance

  • Yesterday i did the same and its working sort of OK but i guess to get better stream we need a streaming pc , rayzen 5 ,16 gb ram and rtx 2060 will do ok i guess .

  • HELP! i can record jut fine with obs, 80fps in SW battlefront 2 (2017) but it's when i watch the video on vlc, it's all choppy and not smooth at all, i've tried may different settings but nothing helps…. Tried recording with the AMD software and it works perfectly

  • mine will show the game and a vary small part of the ground in the game for example is fine but everything else in the world is black but in game it is fine just on stream help pls idk what causes it

  • Hello.
    Thank you for the video.
    I used to stream very well, no skipped frames, no lag at all, but suddenly everything changed, the stream is laggy.
    I have 1080 graphic card, 7700k cpu, and my internet connection is 520m download and 97m upload.
    And as i said am using the same settings but now its laggy. Can u help me please

  • Question: Im streaming from ps4 to streamlabs on my pc. I try not to have anything running in the background besides streamlabs and i still get lag. The questions is, if im running everything correct can other people using my network like my kids playing fortnight in another room. Can that reduce performance? Sorry if it's a dumb question. Im old. lol
    Pss: Also im running bluetooth for my mouse, keyboard and alexa. Can that be an issue? Thanks in advanced

  • Hey Frugal
    First of, thanx for alot of informative videos. Really learned alot from them and tweaked accordingly.
    Though I got one issue I'm not able to figure out and I would assume it's a sort of rendering lag.
    Dual Pc setup. stream pc has an I7 4790, 32GB Ram and an Elgato HD60.
    Game computer is an Ryzen 7 3700 with am 2080RTX Card.

    Regardless of my tweaking it always feels like the stream is skipping when the scene is moving fast
    Output is x286, very fast, 1080 45FPS, 6000bitrate.
    I'm on a 100/100 Fiber connection.

    You have any advice ?

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