August 12, 2020

How To Play Bunco A Step By Step Guide – Learn All The Bunco Rules For This Simple, Fun Dice Game

Learn to play this fun, easy dice game with a group of ladies. Start your own bunco group with this tutorial.
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I will take you step by step on the rules of bunko as well as how to set up your own bunco group.

Bunco is an easy dice game to play. Once a month we get a group of ladies together for a ladies night out to play. Everyone brings a dish to share and the hostess provides the drinks.

The game gives us an excuse to get together, socialize and have fun. It’s a blast! I hope you will give it a try! Try this for your next ladies night out!

These are links to different parts of the video:

Equipment Needed

How Many Players Needed

Setting Up The Tables

How To Rotate

How To Keep Score

Examples Of Play

How To Handle Ties


Prize Money

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Have fun with your own bunco party!
Rockin Robin

Music by Kevin MacLead

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  • I guess I should explain. During this stay at home time like many I have been cleaning out everything. I found a bunco pad and dice. Your video was fantastic although confusing at first but I am better once I start playing the game at remembering rules. I want my husband and I to play it but not sure how to play it. I guess it would just be rolling the dice and hope you get bunco. After watching your video maybe it would be a little boring with just us two. Any ideas?

  • this was a really great explanation! thank you. played my first game last night but would really love to make this a monthly event!

  • Excellent, I see this video was posted awhile ago but, at 67, I will be going to my first Bunco party. Love your separate links to provide extra help!

  • Thank you for this video Robin! A few quick questions: 1. Does play for a round stop if anyone at any table gets a score of 21 (either cumulative or by rolling a Bunco) or if this happens just the head table? 2. How is the seating at the Head table determined? 3. If someone Bunco's, do all players in that round (at every table) finishing their turn at rolling?

  • Love this game, been playing most of my life. Now we play at Christmas time and get the entire family involved

  • I had to watch another video because your video was confusing. I was reading people's questions in your comments when I finally decided to watch another video which ended up being much more concise, clear and easier to understand. You should think about redoing your video unless it's just an ad for your cooking business.

  • What a ridiculously stupid video. I want to know how to play before a party this weekend and this was the first video link on Google. I couldn't even get past the first two minutes because I'm tired of the poster commenting on it being a women's game.

  • if there is a tie in bunco and they decide to roll off, will the person who lost still be up for highest score? or does that eliminate them from just most buncos and then will it go down the line for the next person?

  • You said only 1 person on a team keeps score.  But what happens when they change tables and have a different partner?Doesn't each person have to keep his own score sheet no matter what partner he has???

  • So if you are rolling for 1's and you get a 1 then you get 1 point but if you roll 2-1's you get 2 points? at the end of each game you and your partner have the same score?

  • If the first player at the head table immediately rolls a bunco, (other players at head table have not had a chance to roll ) do those other players at the head table get to roll ?

  • This is a great tutorial for Bunco! Thank you for taking the time to put a video together and share with us. I am starting a neighborhood Bunco group and will use your YouTube video for our first meeting.

  • By the way…do you have a system for determining who sits at which table at the beginning? And who partners up at the beginning?

  • I'm so excited I found this! I am starting a neighborhood bunco group and we are all clueless. Lol. Thanks for the info!

  • A nice tutorial. We are developing a Bunco game for mobile devices, you can check us out at

  • Thanks for posting this as I have been invited to join a group of ladies playing Bunko and I know nothing about it……this video is wonderfully done..thank you so much!!!

  • I've never played in my life and know nothing about it and I was just invited to a game Friday night! Yikes!

  • I want to thank you for this video!  I am an Activities Director for a Retirement facility.  And we play Bunco once a week for only $6.  There is no buy in for them, this is 'house-money'.  Our way of playing is a little different because they can't move table to table, so everyone plays for themselves.  We award $3 for most buncos, $2 for most highs and $1 for most lows.  The gang that plays is a mix of men and women. But we do have a few disagreements that come up and maybe you can shed some light on them for me.  1) Say someone get s Bunco early and a table has not been able to do a full round yet.  I know they roll once to complete the round, but lets say all 4 roll and no get a point.  Would you score them all for tie for low for that round, with no highs awards for the table?  2) If player A has 19 points and player B has 0 and then rolls a bunco, is player B awarded both Bunco & the High?  Or should player A be awarded High to avoid a potential tie at the end?  and last 3) At the end of the game while adding up scores, let's say player C has the most Bunco AND the most Highs.  Should player C be awarded both priizes or should they take the Bunco prize, being the most money and the next person with a high score get the high win.  Sorry for the long questions but some of my seniors are constantly at each other over these simple things.  And if I get an opinion on them since there are mixed rules out there then I can give them a final answer.

    Appreciate the time and effort,

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