April 20, 2021

How to spot fake mega drive cartridges // bootleg vs genuine sega genesis game

The worst!! Fake genesis mega drive cartridge games.
In this video I’m going to take a look at mega drive cartridges and try to unravel how you can spot fake sega mega drive and genesis games.
How to spot a genuine mega drive cartridges.
What to look for, when you want to prevent that you buy counterfeit or clone games.
How can you see it is a reproduction or repro cart?
No one wants to spend a lot of money of a pirate or bootleg game.

I’m talking about boxes, labels, cartridges and open up different cartridges of sega and third party developers to take a look at the rom and the board.

You can’t flash ROMS, although you can flash EPROMs which look virtually the same, but have an erase ‘window’ for UV light probably covered with a sticker


Video game fanatic channel with a big focus on retro video gaming.
I am a dutch video gamer and collector which collects games in all sorts and shapes (console gaming juego)

My main focus is collecting retro video games of Sega PAL-G:
-Sega Game Gear 8 bit
-Sega Pico 16 bit
-Sega SG1000 8 bit
-Sega Mark I 8 bit
-Sega Mark II 8 bit
-Sega Mark III 8 bit
-Sega Master System 8 bit
-Sega Mega Drive (Megadrive) / Genesis 16 bit
-Sega Mega CD / Sega CD 16 bit
-Sega 32X 32 bit
-Sega Saturn 32 bit
-Sega Dreamcast
And some Nintendo like gameboy and Game Cube (Gamecube)

A couple of my favorite games:
-Sonic The Hedgehog (Master System)
-Robo Aleste (Mega CD)
-Sonic CD (Mega CD)
-Empire of Steel (Mega Drive)
-Dynamite Heady (Mega Drive)
-Gunstar Hero’s (Mega Drive)
-Fantasy Zone (Master System)

My favourite genres:
-platformer games
-shooter / shoot ‘m up / shmups
-beat ‘m up

My least favourite genres:
-RPG !!!
-side scrolling

I do:
-Let’s play / gameplay / playthrough / screts / bossfight / scrolling
-pickup video’s / finds
-expo videos
-collecting tips
-top 10 games
-long play
-tips and tricks
-video review

Have the same love for video games like me? Join my channel.

Nguồn: https://liberty2010.org/

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