August 3, 2020

Huge Genesis Lot – Game Collection | RPG Tour Guide

In this video, Ryan shows off some of his retro game pickups, particularly for the Sega Genesis. He picked up a huge lot of games, so why not show off his entire Sega Genesis collection? Enjoy the pickups! 😀

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Hello and welcome back everyone! It is time for another pickup video! And by “it is time”, I mean that it is way overdue! This video was recorded in early 2015. I had been putting off editing it for sometime, to the point where a number of these games have been traded off already. I do make note during the video which games are no longer in my collection. I hope that you enjoy the video. And if you see a game that you are interested in trading for, let me know. Worst that can happen is that I say I want to hold on to it. 😛

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Thanks again for watching and have a great day! 🙂

This video is part of the Unboxing and Collection playlist. This video series is to showcase different games, systems or gaming merchandise that I have in my collection or are just adding to my collection. I hope that you enjoy them. If you have any similar videos, feel free to leave them as a video response. I’d love to see them! 😀


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  • Nice! I didn't realize you had so many games! 😀 One year ago?! I forgot about Ghostbusters Genesis lol.

  • Awesome Genesis collection Ryan! Are you going to make an updated Genesis collection video? I love home alone on the Genesis; probably the best version if it.

  • Cool Genesis collection! Just out of curiosity what did you get in trade for the games that you let go?

  • Ryan is holding back on his stash of videos. Back logged since last year. I see you and your plan Ryan 😉

  • dddddaaaaanng dude, i'd do $115 on that lot all day long! Hyperstone is almost worth that just by itself. nice haul!

  • Ha! I've got multiple year old+ videos that may or may not ever make it to YT. Thanks for sharing! Strong finish! And you traded your shooters. Shocking! Haha really nice to have all that variety. Great deal!

  • dam nice i just got one those remake sega but i cant use it i need to get 9 volt power plug for it and need to get some sega games for it

  • Nice lot score! Lots of great games acquired, and many I still need to add to my collection still. Rocket Knight Adventures is so awesome. Flashback is pretty sweet too. Dang nice, Hyper Stone Heist. Holy crap what a steal! Wow!

  • you got a great pickup on everything. about 60% of the games are great titles. the rest are ok titles. enjoyed watching the whole video. lol.

  • wow brother that is a great lot for 110 bucks. TMNT alone is 3/4th of your money back.
    I think the eco game games are great. I love shooters too. THunder force III rocks man. Great to see a new video.

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