January 11, 2021

Legendary Wings (NES) Mike Matei Live

Playthrough of Legendary Wings for NES. And briefly trying out GI Joe as well. Follow Mike Matei on Twitch ✜

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  • I like the arcade version of legendary wings as opposed to the NES version. I've beaten the arcade version but in the NES version I can't get past the first stage. The reason for this is because the enemy bullets blend into the background and as a result I don't always see them.

  • Owned a copy around 20 years ago, this game is a lot of fun, you just have to make sure you don't die in the later levels.

  • My brother and I played this a ton as kids in the 80s. Now me and my buddy Jason play it a ton. Very underrated multi-player game. Fun…hard….but fun. Thanks for the video!

  • I love when you become fully powered up, you would turn into a phoenix. It looked like a phoenix to me. I dunno. Also, I had this game and was lucky enough to have the NES Advantage. Trying to play Legendary Wings with a normal controller would have killed my fingers.

  • This game was pretty crazy. If you manage to hold the high level power up, then you'll breeze through the game, but if you lose it it becomes a nightmare. I managed to beat it, but it took three tries. Thanks for introducing this game to us Mike.

  • Mike, check out Ninja Gaiden on master system if you haven't already. its quite different from the NES version

  • The top-down portions remind me of Xevious only because there’s a bullet attack & a bombing to surface attack

  • you should seriously have a James and mike Monday in which you take a look at a game called totally accurate battle simulator. The game is made by landfall and is a strategy military simulator but it has tons of fun and awesome units: grim reaper, wizards, jedi, ect. The game is tons fun and incredibly funny due to it's "realistic" physics engine, opening up unlimited possibilities for interesting battles and funny moments. I love this game so much and would love to see ypu guys take a look at it because I'm a big fan of both of you

  • Mike matei can you do a playthrough on Michael Jackson’s moonwalker on sega genesis please thanks 😊

  • I think this and Megaman 2 were the first NES games I saw around age five. The journey continues.

    2020 – Team Cinemassacre visits Romania?

    Fun fact – the part of what is now Romania that Bela Lugosi came from was actually part of what was the Kingdom of Wallachia, located in what it is now Southeastern Romania, which is where the real Vlad Dracula was the ruler of.

  • I never even heard of this game called legendary wings on nes and I own Nintendo entertainment system but I don’t have this game wish I had legendary wings on nes 😢

  • BTW snake eyes is by far the best in this game just level his weapon and your good. it doesn't take bullets so you can not run out

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