June 17, 2021

Memes That Destroyed Lives

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Everybody loves internet memes – except maybe the people in them. While it may be funny to repost that viral photo or video to your social media, often times those pictures were taken out of context, or even without the subject’s permission. Innocent folks who find themselves the subject of an internet meme have been subjected to harassment, public ridicule, and even death threats. Here’s a look at some memes that destroyed lives…

Alex from Target | 0:22
Wentworth Miller’s weight gain | 1:10
Ashley before and after | 1:55
Harambe | 2:31
#HasJustineLandedYet | 3:21

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  • There are memes that end in death like:
    The meme where the robot vacuum cleaner had knives attached to it and killed someone sleeping
    The meme where a car got crushed by a train while driving (I think there were children in the car.)

  • Not everyone likes memes. Unpopular opinion, I don't like them, I don't understand them (let alone why people use them) and I don't use them. I mean no offense to anyone who does use them and understands them, I just don't approve of people who take them too far like these poor folks. I am the target demographic for them but I just don't care that much about them. I'm just old fashioned and in my 20's.

  • The Alex from Target thing is really creepy. Like imagine having your picture posted without you knowing and then getting death threats. Why were people even giving him death threats because of that? What the heck

  • I was one of those people that got hurt by memes, since i remember the times i used to have huge loves for drawing and even
    Used to be so obsessed to creepypastas before, from the times i used to have a deviantart account from the times i make drawings.
    By using ms paint, from the times i make a drawing name rake has time to killed people that i made out of boredom from since
    Now i got a link from someone that give me, that puts my drawings in a gallery name cringeworthy from the times i make a account to ask them.
    To stop but, it didn't stop them since they decide to harass me causing my anger to go even more bad like i have anger issues due to being
    Bullied all due to my weight and disabilities i was born with, like a speech disability and even the times i was harass by rude skinny people.
    I didn't like before the meme lovers, from know your meme were making such nasty and rude comments against me and even the times i was
    Told i should stop being cringey even though i was never even trying to be cringey at all, all i was trying to do is draw since i have so much loves
    For it, how i was posting comments to still ask them to stop until the cringeworthy gallery end up being lock to prevent people to use it.
    To bully on people, i have post pictures in there because i wasn't thinking since i didn't have a good brain all thanks to disabilities that i have
    But since the gallery was lock, my drawing name rake has time to killed people become a meme like i know in fact it was consider a inside joke.
    But i still see it as a meme since i see meme pictures of it, i see ones like undertale and even overwatch and someone make a meme picture
    Of the obscure meme, of resident evil 4 by having a picture of the regenerator and having a text saying time to killed people like ever since my
    Drawing of rake has become a meme, it honestly runied my life like drawing was part of my life but it got runied ever since the meme incident.
    I have from the internet when i was 13 years old before that happen in 2013, like i remember i was told by someone on youtube that i should be
    Proud of that meme, even though i can't anyway since my drawing become a meme in a bad way and even though i didn't ask for it to become a
    Meme which cause me to be harass by toxic meme lovers, like i did remember seeing a comment from 2017 picture from the cringeworthy gallery.
    Even though it was lock, of someone say i also add in face making fun of peoples drawing won't encourage them to get better it will encourage them
    To stop drawing which i did agree, since i stop drawing ever since meme lovers harass me and make fun of my drawings even i see in fact that.
    Making fun of people drawings really will won't encourage people to get better drawing skills, it really will just encourage people to lose interest
    To draw like ever since that incident i have, i start to hate memes and even the meme lovers and even the meme community from seeing how toxic
    The meme community really is, and i honestly didn't like in fact my sister is one of those annoying meme lovers from the times she angers me by.
    Using a bad meme how i say to her my butt does not even hurt, she goes on saying butthurt doesn't mean your butt hurts it means mad i was like
    No it's not.. then why is that word called butthurt then? that word sounds like you would say that to someone else butt to anger on someone which
    Sounds so cringey.. XD like i do like some memes but it wouldn't mean i would love them all since i honestly hate how almost anything nowadays.
    Will become a meme, and even the times i hate how memes can be anywhere on the internet and EVEN REAL LIFE! since i remember seeing a t shirt
    Of a meme aka the dab meme, like i wish memes never exist at all! memes are the worst thing ever that should not exist on the internet! >:(

  • We should be drawing memes which can elevate or make a person popular and also we should reject a meme which destroys a innocent man's life.People nowadays have no feelings for how the other person feels.They are too busy to have their own fun.

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