January 23, 2021

Movie Studio 16 Platinum: Render Guide

I explain an overview of what different render settings and file types are for a give direction about which one may be best for your project.

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  • What software do you use to compress all videos? Cos after rendering my videos done in large size. For example 10min vid comes in 1GB or 2h 30min video in 12GB.. Im using "handbrake" to compress videos.. maybe there you know any better?

  • hey have you done any videos on 3rd party plugins for platinum? I normally use non plat but currently have a free trial for it and so im curious how they work. To be honest I don't understand plugins at all. What are they for? where do I get them? how do I use them?

  • ok im currently trying to upload to youtube var make movie but not getting the upload button once ive done description and tags. Have i done something wrong?

  • I'm trying to render my video in 1080×1920 so it will play on my smartphone in portrait mode. In the setup for editing, it's possible to make this happen, but when I want to render I don't see a way to do anything other than landscape mode. What am I doing wrong?

  • I use internet rendering but I don’t know what else to try because every time I use it, it gives up around the halfway mark and I can never use the render. I’m using it for YouTube. Any tips ? ……..

  • Still rendering after 28 hours and 15 hours to go, for a 1 hour video, i I have given up on vegas and I am moving over to adobe premiere.

  • Thank you for the video. I am new to Vegas and video editing. I screwed up my render settings. You did a great job explaining what the settings are and what they mean.

  • Thank you for the video. I am new to Vegas and video editing. I screwed up my render settings. You did a great job explaining what the settings are and what they mean.

  • Do you have a video on how to make the preview window clear. Because mine looks slow and blurry. I've already tried putting it in good Auto and preview Auto and none work.

  • can it batch render or something like that? I had Movie Sturio 12 with a render assisstant. I upgraded and I´m happy with the programm but can I render more than 1 Video in a row?

  • I'm thinking of upgrading from 15, how is the lag in the preview window in version 16? It was bad in version 15. Great videos! I'm long time Vegas user, Thanks

  • Right now, I'm just using my Samsung Galaxy 8S+ for pictures and videos, (yep, I'm an amateur) I will upgrade later,…… Not sure which format and Template to use, I'm guessing MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 and Internet HD 1080p 59.94 fps what do you think,…. thanks!

  • I thought you were going to go into the custom template menu. That's got a lot of cool stuff, that a few of us would like to get your tour of.
    Otherwise, I'm enjoying your tours. One question to clarify…. Is HEVC the one to use for CUDA?

  • I upgraded from 13 to 16 and now every time i render the result is very dark!,its so bad its not watchable ,I have done nothing differently and still using 4k 30fps ,I,m thinking of uninstalling and going back to 13 ,any help would be appriciated,cheers.

  • Coud you create a tutorial working with 4K video – Proxy files, Rendering for Youtube using Video card GPU…

  • Adam! I am having a problem that you may be able to solve for me. I have a scene split in 3. I can not for the life of me have a full screen effect such as glow pro when moving from a single shot scene to the 3 split screen. It always only uses the effect in the middle, or either two sides depending on what track I drop the glow in. How do I have a full screen effect happening over all three scenes? Did I make sense?

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