January 19, 2021

Sega Genesis / Mega Drive – Review – Game Sack

Episode 234 – The Sega Genesis was immensely popular in North America, outselling Nintendo for a while and fully riding the ‘tude era. Nintendo finally had some real competition. There are many fantastic games on the console that a lot of retro game fans these days may have overlooked because they weren’t on a Nintendo system. And that’s primarily what we’re focusing on in this episode, the games that made the Genesis great that you really couldn’t get anywhere else at home.

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  • I love the fact that you put The Sinking Old Sanctuary tune while discussing Castlevania Bloodlines, you couldn't possibly make that specific choice if you didn't love the game, you really know your sh*t.

  • I often forget how many great games there were on the Genesis. Despite growing up with one. I just wish there were more turn-based RPG's on the system. But Phantasy Star IV is great enough to almost make up for the general lack of em.

  • One of the reasons I'm proud of being Brazilian is that the Megadrive and Master System are still officially manufactured in Brazil in its original form plus versions that are exclusive to Brazil with games only released there, Street Fighter 2 and Duke Nuken 3D among them.
    For all intents and purposes, Sega won the console wars.

  • Seeing this makes me feel so freaking old, I loved Sonic, Road Rash, Ecgo, Streets of Rage , Strider and of course Shinobi. Though Im happy I lived through the development of gaming on Atari, MSX, Commodore 64, Sega, Nintendo up modern day gaming. I was a serious Sega fanboy while my younger brother was a nintendo/pc fanboy, it drove my parents nuts hahaha.

  • I GD love sonic spinball and I'm proud of it. I think it is the best pinball sim of the generation. This includes the TG16 entrants.

  • Finally finished landstalker recently. I really loved the diamond dimension system when paired with blast processing

  • I really miss games back from when. The characters were all so whack no matter the genre. You'd have some guy in a tank-top with a red mohawk and sunglasses trying to batter you while walking down the street with a baseball bat. Or the Gothic feel of a lot of games, with demons and creatures that you on't see any more. Back when ninjas still had an air of mystery around them, back when fighting a gargoyle was cool. When the bad guy was a bald old evil wizard. Games now is.. well, Fortnite. OK something else then, consider Assassins Creed Origins, yeah it looks pretty, but it doesn't have the character of a lot of old games, even compared to Altered Beast, it feels tame. Example I like is the games like Heretic, Hexen, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Splatterhouse, the old Castlevanias, Altered Beast, all with themes you won't see getting made in games now, and if they are, they don't have the same vibes. And the backgrounds, oh lordy they were always so good.

  • Personal favourites include in no particular order:- Revenge of Shinobi, Gley Lancer, Air Buster, Shadow Dancer, Zombies, Dynamite Duke, Castlevania New Generation, Super Hang-On…

  • Good thing you included Greendog on your list of games, otherwise you would have a lot of angry fans banging on your door!. I mean Greendog still holds up with any of today's modern games!.

  • Good thing IMO that the Tengen Port of ThunderForce IV didn't happen. Sucks for the brand with renaming the game, and misspelling it, but if we had a Tengen cart of it, I guarantee you half of those cartridges wouldn't be working any longer. I've got a copy of their port of Grind Stormer and it's the only Genesis cart I've got that doesn't work.

    I respect Tengen for what they did to fight against Nintendo's monopolistic policies, but their product quality is kinda ass.

  • I've got one thing that will increase anyone's opinion of the Sonic series on the MD. Hold down while running down a slope. Trust me, it makes the game that much more fun.

  • The epitome of all classic console, i still playing Sega Genesis in 2020 of the good gameplay and great music like Thunder Force 3, Street Of Rage 2, M.U.S.H.A, Aleste and more!

  • I love you guys, and I know you don't like it or cover sports games but…man. Sports games were a HUGE part of the Genesis experience. They were the one genre where the Genesis was clearly superior to the SNES. Sports deserved at least a mention!

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