February 23, 2021

SQUAD Alpha – Render Test [60FPS – 4K downscaled]

Recently I updated my recording software for Squad to Dxtory with UtVideo YUV422 BT.709 codec, which allows a nearly loseless video capture of high resolutions, while still having a good game performance.

Tested following recording software:
Open Broadcaster Software – multiple video layers, able to record 2 audio streams(mic+ audio source of choice), much performance impact if you want a high quality output. does freeze sony vegas sometimes if GPU render enabled. good output filesize. simply awesome for streaming or casual game recording.

Nvidia Shadowplay – buffers the last x minutes of your game, allowing you to save only the epic scenes and not record an entire round. no advanced video settings available – compressed output, able to record 2 audio streams only (mic+ main audio source), has some impact on Squad game performance, still runs fine for me.

FRAPS – loseless, but huge output. has a buffer feature like shadowplay. clean interface, acceptable performance, but does not receive any further updates and crashes with dx12 games(Squad) from time to time. simply outdated.

Dxtory – nearly loseless output but due to that big file size (~4GB/1min in 1080p). allows multiple and separted audio streams (voice is not layered on game sound), smooth performance while recording and editing. Codec: UtVideo YUV420 BT.709 (
my new program of choice.

My editing software:
– Sony Vegas Pro12/13 + BCC and other FX Plugins
– HitFilm 4 Pro

i7-3770k (OC)
2x GTX 980ti
16 GB DDR3 2133Mhz
Samsung Evo 500GB SSD

some experimental test scenes:
render 1 – 0:00
render 2 – 0:15
render 3 – 0:36
render 4 – 1:03
render 5 – 1:13
render 6 – 1:30

This is footage of Squad (
– Filmed on: New Era Warfare #1 Public Server (

Nguồn: https://liberty2010.org/

Xem thêm bài viết khác: https://liberty2010.org/game/

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