August 8, 2020

The 20 Hardest Sega MegaDrive/Genesis Games Ever Made!!!

Hey whatup guys OSG back with another hardest games video and this time we are going to look at the Sega MegaDrive’s hardest games
This list is in order of what I think are the hardest so as with all my lists is completely subjective.
The MegaDrive had some great titles and a lot of them are on here…for a hardest game list this one is pretty unique as they are hard for the right reasons …not down to bugs etc. (baring Shadow of the beast which will be explained in the video)
Ok so here they are the 20 hardest MegaDrive games ever made in order of difficulty

Games in this video :-
The Revenge of Shinobi @ 00:43
Undead line @ 01:18
Streets of Rage 3 @ 01:53
Musha @ 02:27
Fatal Labyrinth @ 03:02
Robocop Vs Terminator @ 03:36
Eliminate Down @ 04:11
Shadow of the Beast @ 04:45
Kid Chameleon @ 05:20
Comix Zone @ 05:55
Target Earth @ 06:29
The Adventures of Batman and Robin @ 07:04
Alien Soldier @ 07:38
Chakan: The Forever Man @ 08:13
Ghouls N Ghosts @ 08:47
Wings Of Wor @ 09:22
Gaiares @ 09:57
The Immortal @ 10:31
Battletoads @ 11:06
Contra Hard Corps @ 11:40

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  • I don't understand what problem people had with comic zone, lmao. It's pretty easy once you get the combos down packed, which is not that hard either.

  • Am pretty sure i got all the endings of Hard Corps back in the day (though i'm sure my copy was called Probotector for some reason). It was worth the effort and nearly destroyed controllers, though. What a game! So much to see and explode!

  • When you realize that the 1st stage background in the revenge of Shinobi and Segas Kenseiden is the same!!

  • IV played some of these but to be honest can't remember the difficulty it's been a while I don't if I have already asked this but we're in the UK are you from

  • are you crippled? do you have only one hand, bro? why don't you just admit you placed some of these games and call them hard because you suck like hell? you placed Revenge of Shinobi? Streets of Rage 3? You nearly rage quit after first level in Gaires? WTF? did you try "easy modes" at least before making the video? Some games on your list i will give you props for, but damn, you do suck if you think the last boss on Revenge of Shinobi is hard to beat. you just keep using Mijin and use up some lives you should have plenty of left. What games have you beaten in easy mode? can you do a video of that? (JK)

  • Musha wasn't too hard as long as you didn't die. Once you die and lose all your power ups then it was all over. I also beat battle toads I'm pretty sure.

  • Just a FYI – the Contra title is a pun, as the "Corps" is pronounced "Core", so the title would actually be said "Contra: Hard Core". Which sums up the difficulty perfectly!

  • how about the hardest master system games. That is a system I love learning more about that system. I grew up with a gamecube and still love it this day but I love learning about the older systems.

  • how about the hardest master system games. That is a system I love learning more about that system. I grew up with a gamecube and still love it this day but I love learning about the older systems.

  • Great work as always! Target Earth would have easily been my number one. Don't think I ever legitimately got past the 1st level without using the invincibility cheat.

    As far as the shooters go, I would have probably have dropped M.U.S.H.A. and added any Toaplan game especially Hellfire and to a lesser extent, Truxton. Truxton gets easier as you learn enemy patterns but Hellfire is just plain impossible lol.

  • I'm unfamilar with the MD and I must say there's some top looking games here, especially the shmups. I'll deffo check them out, probs for not very long though. Great vid m8 🙂

  • How bout master of monsters? I have never seen that game beaten although its one of my all time fav's. Agree on the immortal countless deaths but rewarding when you make it further and further into the game.

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