April 20, 2021


Anneka meets one of the most driven guard dogs on Planet Earth – The Central Asian Shepherd. Bred to defend flocks from wolves and bears, guard property and have also been used in fighting historically. Related to the Georgian Shepherd and The Kangal, this dog is a formidable nemesis of the wolf. Anneka meets a line of guard dogs developed by Nino Lo Raso and for once, she is unable to touch the dogs…..

Nino Lo Raso:

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Presented By Anneka Svenska

Filmed by Ellen Hope Cobb

Edited by Ellen Hope Cobb

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  • i was staying with friends in ukraine and they had a large type of alibi and he was scary and hated anyone not family,he was tearing through solid timber to intimidate me,we took him for a walk with a muzzle and a spiky chain,i got a photo with me lifting him off the ground he may have been about 70 or so kilo and under weight,his food wasnt the best,..unfortunately he was taken away by the police for breaking his solid link chain an attacking the next door neighbour,no injury apparently he lost his jacket as he was escaping over the fence but was nonetheless put down for his actions,ukraine was really bad for aggressive dogs,i got attacked a few times but narrowly avoided being bitten you had to be very careful walking around by yourself in some areas ,i count myself lucky Nur didnt break his chain while i was there

  • I have two at home from fighting line.. but they are great guardian and family dogs, trainable, smart.. u can visit their instagram dogi_alabai_greatdane

  • Is this a joke….. this guy dogs look like fluffy off brand mutts…..at least the Russian version is impressive too look at and any dog that can’t be trained and kinda ugly……. just do away with the breed

  • Dog fighting is barbaric and people who do it should be covered with bacon grease and tied to a tree in the woods for the bears.

  • I agree, there literally isn't a dog like for like that can kill a wolf. Which i'm not upset about cause I love wolves😆


  • i used to have one of these: my uncle gave her to us as a puppy because he couldnt take care of her anymore. theyre the nicest dogs ever n i would get another :))
    (she looked almost exactly like the one at 0:48)

  • Better watch out Nino, the UK dog police are gonna come knocking on your door. They only want happy friendly puppers, and nobody is allowed to have aggressive dogs….no matter if somebody is threatening you. I wouldn't be surprised if these dogs make the banned list.

  • Dog fighting is Very Unethical. It is cruel to dogs to make them fight and the worst is when they bring a bait dog into the fighting ring. We must outlaw this cruelty world wide.

  • I can name a few dogs 1- Kengal 2- Dogu Argentino 3- Caucasian or Illyrian Shepard 4- Tibetan Mastiff. If these Dogs are fed good food and are exercised -yes they can kill a wolf one one one – not all the time

  • People have forgoetten that the primary job of a dog is to protect. To protect, they warn off strangers and bite if trespassing. Some dogs have a very strong instinct for guarding vand protecting. But now a dog should have the intellect of a genius, know how to behave like a stuffed toy, guard gently, know who is who, do tricks like a momkey…. these are bewautiful, not to give to just anybody, and let be themselves. Impossible to have in France, where the dog would euthanized at the slightest incident.

  • Couldn’t find a more terrible type of bloodline these dogs don’t even look like a Alabai they clearly look crossbred I love this breed and was looking forward to watch this video and see some nice Alabi but sadly disappointed to see these cross bred type shepherd dogs the Alabi she had on her thumbnail was nice

  • 15:15 Thank you for not being so delusional, and in denial about your dog…..because one of the worse owners tend to be Kangal owners in thinking their dog can kill a wolf one on one that is in its prime and its simply NOT TRUE, theyre going to get their dog killed if they ever want to try to prove it

  • I'm sorry, but this breeder is showing super poor examples of the Alabai! If they are even Alabai! Alabai are giants, these dogs look like labrador retriever mixes.

  • Any true guardian dog/breed shouldn’t be comfortable with strangers and thus should not be allowed to be petted by anyone not in the immediate family of the dogs owners. These are true working dogs, true guardian dogs and should be respected/treated as such. But regardless of the breed of the dog any dog should have basics obedience training and dogs used in a protection roll should have strong recall training.
    And I really appreciate the owners honesty in regards to the wolf question 👍🏽

  • I do think a kangal that HAS the SPIKE COLLAR could win against a wolf. Because the spike collar is protecting the dog s neck and when the dog bites the wolf and shakes his head the spikes do damage to the wolf severely ! But that is an addition from us human( the spike collar) so a dog without the spike collar couldn t win against a wolf.

  • There are no dog that can kill a wolf, I find that hard to believe I'm sure there's dogs that can give a wolf a good run for its money, Caucasian Shepherd, Kangal the Tibetan Mastiff, 🤔

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