February 20, 2021

The Philosophy of Fallout – Wisecrack Edition

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Welcome to a special edition of 8-Bit Philosophy, where classic video games introduce famous thinkers, problems, and concepts with quotes, teachings, and more. This week – The Philosophy of Fallout.

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Written by: Alec Opperman
Created & Directed by: Jared Bauer
Producer: Jacob Salamon
Co-Producer: Todd Mendeloff
Edited by: Yesel Manrique
Assistant Editor: MB McClain
Assistant Editor: Ben Peterson
Researcher: Ben Peterson
Narrated by: Jared Bauer

© 2015 Wisecrack, Inc.

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  • I don't mind a bit of death and conflict. A perfect world would not be completely peaceful. Peace is just not challenging.
    A completely peaceful world is one where no one is challenged.

  • 14:56 Fun fact the Japanese version of the games literally just translate the phrase as “Humans never change”

  • In Fallout 3, I'm usually taking the role of a somewhat childish young man. Having been lied to by my father all my life, my mind kinda regresses after he dies. So I usually just wander the wasteland, a broken little boy.
    In New Vegas, I'm a snarky guy who actually doesn't choose a side. It's not my war. I was just after Benny. And after I kill him, I turn to mercenary work.

  • You might say Fallout was a warning of today. Most people are so caught up in entertainment we ignore the world around us or miss the agendas being proliferated through our entertainment.

  • When i played through, i leaned towards the legion, but secretly despised them solely cause slavery discusts me, so i was basically seeing how close i could get to caesar before assassinating him, but not so close that i couldn't trade wit others, but universally:fuck the enclave, they are who i blame for the war, and as so can suck my power armored nuts

  • The enclave is your friend your aunt your neighbor and yes the enclave is me your president John Henry Eden

  • “The philosophy of Fallout”… and he starts with Fallout 3 😂👎🏻

    Gotta love this “YouTubers”, man… 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • “A series that everyone is going crazy for”… 😂

    Where the ffck were all of you, 15-20 yeas ago, when Black Isle people needed you?

  • The true philosophy of Fallout is blurred since the player has so much agency within the wasteland. But going off of the canon presented in New Vegas, it shows us that Liberal Democracy will always survive on American soil and any alternatives feed off the radioactive ruins

  • 10:04 : mothership zeta crew mod O.O
    This… This is… Even to this day, the best campaign I've ever seen. As far as my knowledge go, it sadly been aborte, but trust me when I say that, even ten years later, it blew my mind. This thing is an absolute masterpiece and if you own fallout 3 on PC, you HAVE to try it.

  • Why is the first Fallout game tagged when the original games aren't refereed to? Also it is important to note that Bethesda and Black Isle/Obsidian are very different.

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