October 31, 2020

UNO Dice Game from Mattel

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The UNO Dice Game plays like the original card version of UNO—matching colors and numbers—but with dice. The object is to get rid of all your dice and be the player that reaches 200 points first. To begin the game, each player takes five dice. This leaves one die that will be used to start the game. Roll all five of your dice and leave them in front of you. One player rolls the extra die and sets it in the middle of the playing area. The first player, without rolling his dice, must match a die from his hand to the die in the center. If he has a matching die, he places it next to the die in the center. This creates what the game instructions call a dice line. Players then continue taking turns trying to match the die at the end of the dice line. If you don’t have a die that matches, you must take a die from the back of the dice line and re-roll all of your dice. If one of your die can then be played, you are free to put it down in the same turn. Otherwise, play moves back to the other player.

There are three Action Dice symbols. When you play the Draw One die, the next player must draw one from the back of the dice line, re-roll all of their dice, and miss their turn. Draw Two is the same as Draw One, but the player must take two dice. When you play the Wild die, you get to choose the color that continues play.

When you play your next-to-last die, you must yell “Uno!” to indicate that you have only one die left. If you don’t yell “Uno!” and you are caught before the next player begins his turn, you must draw two dice and re-roll all of your dice. Once a player has no dice left, the round is over. That player receives points for all of the dice left in his or her opponent’s hand. Play starts over again and continues until one player reaches 200 points.

The game comes in a soda can-shaped container with 11 dice and instructions. It is for two players.

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  • i think i understand, its like normal uno, but when you dont have cards, you have to roll the dices so it make more "cards" and you pick the last dice on the back where you started

  • Not helpful i one doesn't know how to play UNO…and you say it's for 2 players and then immediately start talking about teams. Badly done, Emma, badly done.

  • Can someone explain how to play this game for someone who never ever played it?
    Even this video do not explain it, and printed rules are completely useless.

  • I have the original uno dice game from 1988 I picked up in a pawn shop years ago. The directions show 3 different games but none like this game mentioned. There is an original tray with 2 sides of 3×4 grids you play your dice in. Uno dice is a variant of the uno card game. (Better known as crazy 8s) you can see your opponents dice and plan to limit their turns by playing the special dice that don't have numbers on them. Or by using the grid to limit what moves your opponent could play next. You only call out uno after you take you hand off of your 2nd last die. Otherwise someone else playing calls it out and you receive a penalty and pick up 2

  • I bought this game at Good Will for $2.00. It didn't come with the directions but I just found them on the internet, so I can't wait to play. 🙂

  • We bought this game because our pack of Phase 10 cards had a $3 off in it. It was $8.99, which made it $5.99, I still think it was a little pricey after the $3 off. Ok game I guess.

  • I sorta find this very pricey for the amount I paid for it 🙁 I sorta argued with the sales associate because I could have sworn that I saw this for about $5, though, I still bought the game for double the price thinking that it is not worth the money. I wouldn't have bought it for the price that I had just payed for.

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