October 21, 2020

What is Deep Wound? | Dbd Status Effects

Dead by Daylight is rated M for mature, so this video is intended for people 17 or older. Dead by Daylight is not a game for kids, and kids should not be watching videos on this game.
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Hello everyone and welcome to this video explaining what the Deep Wound status effect is, and how you can get it in dead by daylight. Deep Wound is basically a timer that indicates how long you have until you are put into the dying state. You can prevent this though by completing the Mend action before the timer runs out. I hope this video helps you out and thanks for watching, as always, good luck out there in the fog and cya next time!

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  • **In the newest patch, the Deep Wound timer only pauses while running or mending instead of only when in the terror radius**

  • Will the deep wound counter decrease if I hit a survivor a second time with legions power (without any add ons)

  • What happen while survivor in deep wound and broken did he can use Second Wind or anyting Inestint hael herself?.

  • Wow this my first time i seen video like this and absolutely a very good way and i hope your continued

  • This mechanic has changed with the newest update, it no longer pauses when in the killers terror radius, but does pause when sprinting or mending.

  • What happens if you down a survivor (with reg. hit) after putting one in the deep wound status affect and if he/she did not mend at all?
    This is an important question because if the deep wound status affect does not stack, applies or is involved while downing a survivor, then it is useless.

  • This was super helpful thank you for making this video because I had a daily ritual that you have to be the legion and inflict the deep wound effect on 4 survivors and I did not know what deep wound was

  • the deep wound timer addons are pretty garbage but I think if people use bloodhound and stridor with legion they might understand how well his tracking works with his power post deep wounds applied.

  • now that i understand deep wound better i realize how bad it is lol. Bad as in it does not put any pressure on the survivor

  • Hi, one question. When the survivors are using Mend, can the killer see they with nurse vision? Great video btw thanks a lot for do it, I already suscribed

  • Hello i have a question I use leather face I’m on prestige 3 and never get hex ruin in the blood web dose leather face not get ruin or am I doing something wrong anyone plz help

  • Maybe I didn’t know or realize DW pauses in the Killer’s Terror Radius and what happens if you double up on DW on the same Survivor.

    Super helpful, thanks!

  • Turkey BLT Wrap? Check.
    Lemon Snapple? Check.
    Lunchtime with Niv? Check!

    Excellent video, Niva1a — now if only I could pay attention when I get a deep wound when playing. I'll get sliced not realizing I have the deep wound, then fall down 20 seconds later while I'm hysterically running away from Legion.

    1:35 – 1:45 Legion's body language made me laugh: "Are you just about done? I've got places to go, survivors to kill."

  • I still didn't understand the legion that well and this video was really useful in get a better grasp of his play style. Thank you. Also I would like to see more videos on your Spirit. They are my favorite ones.

  • I really like this playlist of videos. I just started playing this game in mobile version. This helps me a lot.
    I think it would be interesting if you do the video about "Perk Effect" (the little perk appearing in red and blue during the game) too.

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